Late fer Dinner Featured in Orlando Weekly

Late fer Dinner recently performed at Timucua White House, a prominent venue in the Orlando music scene. Bao Le-Huu, a music columnist known for “This Little Underground” in Orlando Weekly, wrote an article on the band’s performance at the show.

Le-Huu called Late fer Dinner “a refreshing and needed bolt of tradition and purity in the city’s musical fabric.”  Even with the bounciness that bluegrass and gospel has, she still described their playing as “gentle in step and practiced in execution.” Le-Huu only had good things to say about the members themselves: “they radiate genuine sweetness and charm but no camp or corn (except maybe some of their jokes).”

“This is the real stuff…never before have I seen the place stomp this way…Anyone who can turn an art house into a revival like this is worth your time.”

Thank you to Orlando Weekly and Bao Le-Huu for featuring us!

You can read the article by Bao Le-Huu in full by clicking here.